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There's no happier hour that Muk's Happy Hour, which is held nightly (except Wednesday) at 5:30 the Club Bali Hai pool. It's a BYOB affair, so bring your favorite libation and every question you ever had about Tahiti and, most especially, your hosts, known throughout the islands as the Bali Hai Boys.

Jan Prince described this fun and funny event perfectly in her terrific article in The Tahiti Beach Press:

"Muk (McCallum), 80, is one of the two remaining Bali Hai Boys, and his specialty is "talking story," recounting the good old days of the 1960s, when the three young bachelors arrived from California to buy a vanilla farm in Moorea, and how they ended up running hotels instead and chasing the local vahines.

"Muk's memory is clear and his stories can be hilarious. Even though some of the return guests have heard Muk's tales over and over, they still join him for Happy Hour and listen attentively."

No visit to the Club Bali Hai is complete without raising a glass with Muk one evening as the sun sets over our lovely reef. Join us ... we'll keep the ice cold until you get here.

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