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As the day turns toward dusk each Wednesday, you can almost feel the anticipation building at the Club Bali Hai.

Handsome Tahitian men begin to rearrange chairs and tables near The Blue Pineapple. Beautiful Tahitian women filter into the Club bearing costumes and flowers. Their charming, lilting laughter fills the air as they begin to craft fragrant flowers into gorgeous leis and head crowns. Musicians, dressed in authentic native costumes, ready their instruments and begin a deep, resonsant rhythm that sets the stage for what Jan Prince fittingly calls "the highlight of the week" at the Club Bali Hai.

Read on to see what else Jan wrote in a recent Tahiti Beach Press about our Wednesday night Tahitian Dance Show:
"This spectacular event is especially appreciated by those romantic souls who have succumbed to the siren call of the sensual South Seas.

"The setting is right out of a Hollywood movie, complete with brooding mountains crowned with a majestic headdress of fleecy cumulous clouds of snowy white, upon which the infinite colors of the sunset play. The haunting sounds of the Polynesian songs fill the air as the costumed Tahitians perform their traditional dances on the soft green grass.

"You are enraptured by the perfume of their floral leis and head crowns, even as your eyes follow the flight of a family of white fairy terns as they return to the tops of the coconut palms after a day of fishing."
The troupe performs several types of Polynesian dance, some slow and sensual, some quick and whimsical, but each tells a story of the islands and her peoples, of tradition and the essential sweetness of the authentic Tahitian spirit.
Consider this as you prepare for your trip to Tahiti: during the show, guests are selected to join the troupe so you might have a chance to show your best Polynesian dance moves in front of a live audience. At the close of the show, guests also have the opportunity to take photos as well as pose with the dancers.
The Club Bali Hai's native gardens set the stage for the most authentic dance presentation anywhere on the island. It is not to be missed no matter where you stay on Moorea.

Join us for this very special event every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. All you have to do is follow the beat of the seductive Tahitian drums ...

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