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New special announced JUST FOR DIVERS!!!

Imagine scuba diving the best dive-spots in Moorea while you save money at the Club Bali Hai!

We're proud to offer a $100.00/Night room rate in our Bayview rooms (taxes not included) just for divers!

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A Diver’s Paradise

The Club Bali Hai is the very best place to stay when you come to Tahiti to dive. We provide not only an authentic Tahitian experience, we are also conveniently located near many popular and famous dive sites around the island – and we can help you get there, too. Our clients love Top Dive, just five minutes away from the Club and a one-stop-shop for all your dive needs when you are on Moorea. Best of all, everything can be arranged when you arrive at the Club through our activities desk. Relax … you’re on island time, now!

If you’re planning your trip now, we recommend Tahiti Discount Travel for the no-kidding-very-best airfares to Tahiti. Contact them at or by phone at 877-426-7262.

Moorea’s Best Dive Sites (excerpted from Jan Prince’s “Tahiti & French Polynesia Guide”)

Moorea’s dive sites offer special treats of feeding the large lemon sharks and a rendezvous with the friendly giant-sized Napoleon fish. Divers also see black and white-tip sharks, gray sharks and moray eels.

The water is clear with insignificant currents assuring easy dives that attract scuba divers from all over the world. One of the most popular sites is “Le Tiki,” where you’ll be able to see wild sharks, including lemon sharks more that 2.4 meters (8 feet) long. The Toatai Pass through the barrier reef offers drift diving among nurse sharks, leopard rays and schools of jackfish. A site known as “Napoleon Plateau” offers Napoleon fish that weigh up to 80 pounds, as well as sharks. Inside the lagoon is a site called “The Wreck,” which is an artificial haven for fish, with the ship’s hull spread over 82 feet, complete with anchors, chains and a gangway. Other sites include the “Ray Corridor,” “The Canyon,” “The Blue Island,” the “Shark Dining Room,” the “Bali Hai Wall,” “Temae,” “Atiha,” the “Avamotu Pass” and the “Taotaha Pass,” all offering a concentration of eels, barracudas, coral fish, rays or sharks. The depths for these dives is usually 60 to 70 feet, with an average visibility of 150 feet and sometimes more than 250 feet. Many of the dive spots are than 10 minutes by boat from the shore.

A qualified English-speaking instructor heads each dive center in Moorea. All diving equipment is available... If you are not a certified diver bring a health certificate from your doctor with you. The protected lagoons, passes and outer coral reefs offer ideal conditions for scuba diving year-round in water temperatures that range from 77 to 86 (Fahrenheit). 

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