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Q: Are there tsunamis in Tahiti?
A: No. Tahiti is in the Pacific Ocean, over 6500 miles from the Indian Ocean where the earthquake - and the tragic tsunami that resulted - occurred in 2004. The Indian Ocean does not have any stations to monitor earthquakes and send out warnings which, as has been widely reported, was one of the reasons the tragedy and devastation there was so widespread.

And while there has not been a tsunami in the South Pacific in recorded history, there are nevertheless two such "advanced warning" monitoring stations that serve our region. One is in Hawaii and one is in Papeete, Tahiti (which is just 10 miles from the island of Moorea, home of the Club Bali Hai).

We at the Club Bali Hai know what it is to live in the close-knit community that is fostered by island life. The sense of inter-connectedness and feeling of shared spirit is special and precious to us all. And so it is with profound compassion that we say, simply, that our hearts are with the inhabitants of both the islands and other lands in the Indian Ocean affected so severely by the earthquake and tsunami that occurred there.

Q: Is the Club Bali Hai in Bali?
A: No, the Club Bali Hai is the Pacific Ocean on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. Bali is in the Indian Ocean, in Indonesia, over 6500 miles away.

Q. Are there hair dryers in the rooms?
A. Hair dryers are available from the front desk at no charge but it is recommended that you bring your own travel hair dryer which is equipped for 220 volts.

Q. What is your electrical voltage?
A. French Polynesia's electrical voltage is 220. If you plan on bringing your own appliances, you will need a converter plus an adapter plug with round pegs.
Also, your appliance should not draw more than 1200 watts.

Q. You ask for a credit card as guarantee. Do you charge my card in advance?
A. No, your card is not charged unless you specifically request to prepay your stay.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. There is a fee equivalent to one night's rent if we are not advised of a cancellation or modification at least 5 days prior to your scheduled arrival.

Q. I am coming through RCI Exchange and am confirmed in a studio. Can I upgrade to a beach or overwater bungalow?
A. Upgrades are available depending upon availability at check in. Upgrades to an overwater bungalow is 151 Euros
/night plus tax and upgrades to a
one-bedroom beachfront bungalow (which sleeps four) are 151 Euros /night plus tax.

Q. Can I fly to one of the other outer islands from Moorea?
A. There is a daily flight to Bora Bora from Moorea. For further information on the other islands and flight times, contact our package partners.

Q. Do you have king size beds?
A. All our units have one queen and one twin bed.

Q. Do you have non-smoking rooms?
A. All rooms are considered non-smoking as they are well ventilated and there are no nicotine odors in the rooms.

Q. I am arriving at 11:30 p.m. Can I still make it to Moorea?
A. All boat traffic and air traffic to Moorea stops at 6pm. However, there are special night flights to Moorea some nights. Reservations can be made through
Air Tahiti.

Q. We love to snorkel. Do you rent gear?
A. While limited quantities of masks and fins are available for rent from the activities desk, we recommend purchasing your own before coming to the island.

Q. What currency do you use in Tahiti? Is there a bank nearby to exchange money?
A. Our local currency is Pacific Francs, the value of which is linked to the Euro. We recommend purchasing Euros before your trip to Moorea. There is a
bank at the international airport in Papeete where you may change funds upon arrival. In addition, there are three banks about two miles from the Club Bali Hai
(open weekdays only) and you can also exchange money at the Club's front desk. Most boutiques and restaurants accept major credit cards.

Q. Is there a telephone and internet access in the room?
A. No, but there are two public telephone on the grounds. You will need a local telephone card as it does not operate with an international telephone card.
Local telephone cards are for sale in the Club Bali Hai boutique. There are two nearby locations that provide internet access.

Q. Does the Club Bali Hai provide pick up from the boat or airport?
A. No. But vans, busses and taxis are available at both the airport and the boat terminal to bring you to the Club. Fares are fixed (not metered) so ask your
driver for a quote.

Q. Who do I ask about making reservations for tours, rentals, etc.?
A. There is an activities desk in the lobby that offers information on everything that is happening on Moorea. You can book all excursions through them
after you arrive - there's no need to pre-book. Also, Avis has a desk in the lobby and has car rental specials for Club Bali Hai guests.

Q. Do you have safety deposit boxes in the rooms?
A. Safety deposit boxes are available at the front desk at no charge.

Q. Are there ATM machines in Tahiti?
A. Yes, but do not plan a vacation using cash from ATM machines here. They are frequently out of order right when you need them. We recommend that you
use credit cards for purchases or get cash advances from major credit cards at the banks.

Q. Do you have a "check-in" time?
A. Check-in is at 12 noon.

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