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Four times each week, visitors to Moorea have the opportunity to take a very special excursion on The Moana for a 6 hour tour of the reef and lagoon.

The ultimate destination is a gorgeous, uninhabited motu (a small island within the reef) where you can snorkel in truly amazing waters, drink a beveridge or two, sip some punch, lay about on the beach, step into the water and pet the friendly stingrays and learn the native art of hulling and opening a coconut as well as a quick lesson in making coconut milk. You'll watch as the Moana crew whip up a fantastic barbeque lunch seemingly out of nowhere and relax at the Club Bali Hai campsite and enjoy the delicious meal of freshly prepared poisson cru, warm French bread, fresh fruit and barbequed chicken and fish. As the afternoon begins to slip away, you'll get back on the Moana and head for home.

But we really shouldn't forget to mention an adventure you'll take part in on the way to the motu because, in this case, the journey is easily as memorable as the destination. After expertly winding the way through the labryinth of coral heads, the crew stops at a familiar spot within the reef and invites you to jump in. Do it quick because in a few minutes a truly awesome crowd of stingrays will appear and you might lose your nerve.
An underwater camera is a must for this stop on your adventure because these very, very friendly stingrays want nothing more than to swim right up to you and check to see if you might provide a little mid-morning snack for them.

The crew will teach you how to approach and touch them, and also provide those snacks the rays are looking for.

Now, these guys would never hurt you but when you combine the sheer number of them and their shocking willingness to be touched and fed ... just believe it when we say you will never forget the feel of their slightly slimy and slightly sandpapery skin or the speed with which they approach you.
By the time you need to move on to the motu, you'll be used to the rays and might actually regret leaving them. But don't despair, your encounter with the stingrays is just beginning because a whole new crowd of them are hanging out at your destination, waiting to greet you.
The crew unloads the boat as you settle in on the completely unspoiled motu. Look around and you can begin to imagine how Moorea itself looked a few generations ago. Just walk into the interior and step into the past.
The Moana crew supply the food, the drink and snorkel masks and a whole lot of entertainment during this excursion.
Among the many interesting things you will learn today is how to get that incredibly hard hull off of a coconut without driving yourself crazy (Castaway anyone?), how to cut it in half with one firm and well-placed whack and, finally, how to make the delicious coconut milk that non-Polynesians have only had from cans we pulled off our grocer's shelves. (The processed version will never do again after you've tasted the real deal!)
After a day of bonding over stingrays and coconut milk, it is appropriate that lunch is served family style. Dig in, chat with your neighbors, quaff some rum punch and rest up. You'll be back at the hotel soon enough ... for now, you've still got plenty of time to snorkel, explore and enjoy your afternoon in paradise's paradise, the tiny motu you'll remember for a long time to come.

If you have questions about this excursion, please visit our Front Desk.

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