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Three evenings a week, Hiro and Bruno load up the Liki Tiki with cold Hinanos, jugs of rum punch and a local family that plays the most wonderful Polynesian tunes on their drums and guitars and ukeleles. After you get settled into the boat, Bruno takes her out toward the reef to follow the sunset.

It's a two-hour cruise filled with laughter, music, gorgeous scenery and - because it's a tropical isle and this is your vacation - rum. The cruise is leisurely, giving you time to watch the shore pass by as the sun sinks lower in the distance. You talk, you gaze, you sip ... and sometimes, you see really amazing things like humpbacked whales and dolphins frockling in the waves beyond the reef.

This is one of those experiences that pictures tell better than words. Take a look, then start planning your trip. It's going to be fun ...

If you have questions about this excursion, send our Activities Desk an email.

Tuning up ...
... and away they go!
The rum punch flows...
... the party begins!
And we weren't kidding about the whales ...
They were so close, we could see the spray from their blowholes.
And even their flukes as they swam off into the distance.
The musicians keep the party going ... the moon rises over the mountains.
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