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C'mon, admit it. You've always wanted to know ... how on earth do the Tahitians defy gravity and keep those pareos on?

Now all your questions can be answered when you spend an entertaining and captivating hour with Rosalie, the pareo master, as she demonstrates a dizzying array of tying styles.

From the simple to the only-for-the-courageous-and-nimble-fingered, she'll show you everything you need to know to keep that thing on!

Of course, you've probably already been to our Boutique and bought a couple of pareos from our extensive collection so bring one of them with you to get a personalized fitting. If you've yet to do your shopping, you can use one of the beautiful pareos Rosalie brings along for the demo. Give her ten minutes and you'll be strutting down to The Blue Pineapple with utter confidence the following morning ... gravity be damned!

Just fold like this ...
and this ...
Join Rosalie in the main lobby at 6:00 pm every Tuesday for this fun and fascinating show.
and tuck it in like thus and ...
and Voila!
You are a pareo queen!
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